Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Sadie Abandons Her House

I guess it is time, Sadie has earned the right to sleep with me.  She always tells me if she has to go outside.  She does not chew my shoes anymore,   She does not tear up the toilet paper.  She is just one smart dog with good manners.  This last week she has been sleeping on top of the covers but as close as she can get.  It kind of feels good to feel that solid warmth next to me.  She also likes to reach up and give a kiss on the cheek.  She is a sweetie.

The only time she runs to her house (7 ft kennel) is when she sees me reach for my purse.  She knows I am going in the car and she does not want to go!!!  She has always had a little problem with car sickness but I just took her with me to drive Sarah to school this morning and she was ok.

When I left Lake Almanor last month and drove through the canyon to Melissa's house she had thrown up all over my red quilt.  Of course, it is a winding road and she had eaten.  Secret to leaving for Lake Almanor from here on Sunday is "do not let Sadie eat anything before we leave".  I remember Bandido never wanted to eat while we traveled either, but she do like to go with me in the car everywhere I went.

Thank heaven for Sadie, she is the one constant love in my life.  Why can't we all be like dogs--so forgiving, so loving, so comforting, and when I talk to her she really tries to listen and understand.  She perks up her ear as if she really will understand me and looks me in the eyes, as if to say, I hear you, I'm here for you..  When she is hungry she gently taps me on the arm, when she wants to go outside she stands by the door.  I really should be more consistent about walking her, that is a good resolution for the New Year.

She did know how to sit and lie down and walk slowly beside me but I did not keep it up and now I will need to start all over if I want her to do the tricks.  She was also shaking hands fairly well.  Sweet Sadie, what a joy. she does want to please.

Today she wanted to go back to bed after I breakfasted and cleaned the kitchen and she stood poised in the hallway waiting for me, the way Bandido used to do.

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