Saturday, March 15, 2014

Home Again!!!

I have been home almost a week and am loving it, sleeping so well, it is so quiet and of course, there is no place like your own bed.  Sadie is snuggled about as close as she can get so I am pushed to the edge of this huge bed and have to keep moving her over.  She is very solid and strong for such a little gal.  She has enjoyed going out and roaming but always comes back.  Of course, there are not many cars around this time of year so it is fairly safe for her.

As a memo to myself, it is March 15th and if I don't like the basic Dish package I have changed to, I should not make any changes for 30 days or there will be a charge.  I finally talked to someone who knows what he is doing I think.  Before when I have asked if I could change to a less expensive package and still use by DVR I was told I was at the lowest program now.  He said, Not so, I can still record and I still have my basic channels so I will try it for a month at least and cut my bill in half and hopefully with all my other Roku options I will have more than enough TV watching.!

We actually had a fairly smooth trip home--straight up 5 where the only slowdown was a section near Ventura where they had miles of one lane but no one working on the other lanes as it was Sunday.  Highway 50 is quite scenic after leaving Sacramento and there was no snow in Tahoe at all except on the slopes where they are probably using artificial snow.  We dropped Hana at a motel that looked very much like the Bates Motel in the series which is so fun to watch.  Unfortunately I will not have A & E so will have to watch it another way.

I felt very energetic and so have worked and rested and worked and rested until I have a clean and orderly house and now will have to start in the yard--lots of raking to do and gathering of branches for my almost empty wood bin. It was good to have Mitch here to help with the high or heavy jobs I couldn't manage alone. The garage has some more stuff that needs to go to the Thrift, too and then life will be back to normal I think.  Two days ago my back was so bad I had to take to couch and bed in the middle of my mess but after a good long rest it was feeling ok again--hope I keep all this energy so I can plow in to some of my many  projects with gusto.  We have tried to get the TV fixed from the Pulsipher house but no luck yet!

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