Monday, March 03, 2014

New Baby and Shirley Temple

Hopefully I will get up to see the new baby this week and more pictures will come.  New babies are the most exciting thing that happens to us in our lives I think.  They are so perfect in every way and such a joy to hold and behold.   I am so happy for the Masseys.  Still haven't heard the new name, guess they are getting acquainted with her so they can pick a name that fits her. 

I was named after a movie star but Janet is not a popular name anymore, I never really liked my name.  I would often pronounce it with a French flair as in Ja- nay with a long a sound.  Myrna always called me Janney.  In college I changed it to Jan and that is what my old boyfriend Bill still calls me.  But it is difficult to choose the right name.  John and Linda came easy--Linda was a teenage girlfriend of a neighbor and she was so pretty and I loved the name and the song called "Linda".  John's middle name was my grandfather and I just liked the name Eric.  With Maria it was harder, we had chosen a different name and then a friend of mine had a baby and used that name!!! 

But Maria was popular in the movies and I later found it was a name we had in our Swedish heritage also, still it took longer to name her.  But wow, look at all the songs about Maria.  James was easy, too, even though there were other James Hardy's I just liked the name and his middle name is after Richard's brother Scott who had passed away and a name I liked also--but he was always Jimmy and John was Johnny for many years and the Las Vegas cousins still call him that.  My father called Linda, Linda Poo, for some reason, not Linda Sue. And Sue was a popular name in the movies at that time, too.  Interesting how movies stars can make or break a name.

Today I didn't do any of the things I planned to do but I did watch a couple of films about Shirley Temple.   The first was a movie made in around 2001 I believe.  I don't remember ever hearing about it so maybe it was on TV and not in the theaters.  It was not that good because as talented as the little girl playing Shirley was she could not duplicate the magic that was Shirley.  It was also obvious how gifted Shirley was at such a young age and what a really adorable child she was.  Another clip I watched compared Shirley's scenes to child stars who played her later in movies about her and there was just no doubt she could not be duplicated in any way.

Then I found "Shirley Temple, America's Little Darling" and it was excellent.  Child stars who worked alongside her and other movie stars and movie leaders at the time talked about her and why she was so unique.  She could not be duplicated and there has never been any other like her.  I was happy to find out what a positive influence her mother was and how strong she was in protecting her in every way.  Several expressed how different she was from every other child stars in that she was just Shirley being Shirley and not acting.  Her mother had been a dancer and really taught her a lot about dancing and her mother went over her lines with her every night and the next day Shirley would know everyone's lines.  She did not realize that she was not living like other children, it was all just natural and enjoyable to her what she was doing. President Roosevelt said how wonderful it was that for 15 cents we could go to the movies and smile and laugh and find joy when life was so hard and sad during the long depression.  She was very protected though because she was money to so many.  She saved the studio who was nearly bankrupt and was a bigger draw than all the popular adult stars at the time.  They were lucky to get into a movie with her so they could be successful.

The Davis family from around the corner had come over Saturday so the children could meet Sadie and ask to walk her and then the two twins sat and talked to me and I showed them some clips of Shirley and that is what got me to thinking about her today.

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