Wednesday, March 26, 2014

If It Isn't One Thing, It Is Another

Last night I went to bed frustrated over a tax situation--I think because of it I had a terrible nightmare and was so happy to wake and find it was just that, a nightmare.  Then today as I was rushing to grab my raincoat out of the bedroom Mitch is in... my arm snagged his fishing pole and I was hooked!!!  All the way into the skin.

Mitch cut the fishing pole loose but we couldn't do more than that because it was embedded in my skin under the long sleeved turtleneck and it hurt.  Guess what-- I was on the way to the Veterinarian and he is a fisherman--maybe he would know what to do.

However, after Sadie had her shots, the Vet did a squeamish pose and said he could not deal with doing anything on humans and I would have to go to Seneca!

Seneca has my regular doctor, the emergency room, other doctors and the Walk-In Clinic with Dr. Tonya--all of them have my fat file.  I am never sure where to go but usually I will go to Dr. Tonya as in the time I cut my finger badly on a can-opening incident, or when I got the shingles, or when my eye was suddenly all inflamed and swollen.   The emergency room handled my dislocation of shoulder and Dr. Nelson all my made ahead appointments except when he was gone and then I had Dr. Wall.  So Dr. Tonya it was again.

She and her assistant appraised the situation and then had to cut my shirt, a lot--numb my arm--probe around with a needle until she had loosened and removed the hook--and then give me a tetanus shot. Yes, they saved the hook but not my shirt.  They did not have a single tetanus vaccine and so it was a tetanus, whooping cough vaccine.  I had to give permission for all this probing, shots, etc., of course. She said the vaccine was especially good if I was going to be around any newborns as there has been over 220,000 babies die from whooping cough this past year.  She said the babies do not get the shots until about 9 months and they are catching it from adults so she said it was good for the adults around babies to get vaccinated.  Well, I have already visited Eden and I doubt I know any other people here having babies but at least I won't get whooping cough myself this year.

What a day, but I did stop at the store and rhubarb was in!!! yea!!! and I cooked some for dessert and ate it all!!  I also snagged two packages of Miller's frankfurters and some Diet Dr Pepper to soothe my nerves.

Oh, and we had snow last night but then it turned to rain and  everything looks beautiful, now it is sunshine... and Mitch had a nice fire going when we came home...very nice.

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