Thursday, March 27, 2014

So Much To See, To Read, To Listen to--What an Amazing World

Now that the rains and snows are upon us for awhile and our yard is completed I am back into the reading and listening to books and finding interesting shows to watch.

"The Beginners Goodbye"by Anne Taylor was a sobering book about death of a spouse and the actions of the other spouse because of grief that follows.  JK Rowling's adult book was about how quick we are to condemn one another.  In the Swedish film "As It Is In Heaven" a famous conductor with a bad heart has always wanted to produce music that would cause people to show love.  Because of his health he must retire and he returns to his hometown and becomes involved with a small group of people who want to make beautiful music but have never really been there for one another.  Each suffers alone because of some problem that most are aware about but do nothing to help.  It is a very moving movie and I loved the countryside of Sweden it was filmed in.  Here again the emphasis is what lousy human beings we are for one another instead of being loving and caring, we keep our distance and blame and condemn but seldom really love.

A dark comedy is Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe in "A Young Doctor's Notebook" which was taken from an actual notebook written during the Russian revolution.  Very different--we watched Season 1 and Season 2 is not on a station I do not have so will wait to see it later on Netflix I guess.  Some very gross medical scenes but it is strangely comedic.  Produced by BBC, of course.

I am now reading "The Book Thief" and crying most of the way through it.  I may want to watch the movie when I have completed it.  It is a WW ll movie about a little girl 3 years older than myself but living in Germany.  So sad what they went through.

I am also in the middle of "The Husband's Secret" which is very well written about marriage relationships of a few who all end up connected with each other in someway and a murder is involved, it is getting very exciting.  I like the writing so well I looked up the author Liane Moriarty from Australia--yea she has other books to read.  I love to find new authors I enjoy.  The problem is when I like a book I tend to read most of the night and get no sleep. Next day note--another one of those all nighter readings.  Finished the book and one thing at the end I liked was to do all the "What ifs"  -- how our life is determined by even the most minute of choices.  Liked the book, want to read her other best sellers for sure.

With a couple books on my tablet and more on my kindle and having roku with Netflix and Amazon and Hulu Plus, etc. there is always much to read or watch or listen to to put me to sleep.

Today I listened to the Diane Krall station on Pandora all day while I read.  I find it is the most satisfying station for me--jazz, classics, so soothing.

Oh, yes, and I walked today with no pain in my thighs!!!!!  What have I done differently?  Off all grains, legumes, nuts, etc.  Off milk totally.  Taking Vit E and Magnesium in addition to all I regularly take.  So what is it that is working???  Less calcium, more magnesium, not so much inflammation from grains and milk????

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