Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fun at UTC and More

From the skating rink we went to ride the train.  UTC has a lot of new attractions and makes it a fun place to bring the family.  Matt was a big hit with Keira and Eden and they went on the train with him.

 Next we went to the "Egg" which was amazing to me, large rattan eggs with comfy lining--how fun to have one of these in your back yard.

Eden is a "monkey see, monkey do" so when Keira starts sticking out her tongue so does she!

Now you can see how really nice they are inside.

Keira does pretty good at the hula hoop.  We ended up playing on some play equipment right in back of Macys and stayed there for a long time.  Keira made some friends and loved running around with them.  It was a fun afternoon!

On Wednesday I walked on the beach in the  morning.  So beautiful, I do miss the beach when I am away from it.

Then I met Camber. James, and Jimmy for at a Pizzeria and had wonderful pizza for lunch.

In the afternoon I dared to get in the Jacuzzi and had some fun conversations. 

Wednesday afternoon I stopped over to Linda's and Kristi, Brynn and Molly were there.  They had come down to see Frenchie.  I enjoyed playing with Brynn.  She is a very talkative and friendly girl.

Kristi looks as beautiful and calm as ever.

I have been following my no eating carbs all month and I think it shows.

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