Thursday, January 22, 2015

Honoring Richard and Frenchie

Thursday morning I walked on the beach and enjoyed the Jacuzzi again.  Then I left for Linda's.  Gary's Dad Frenchie is at home and not expected to live much longer.  Hospice and Amy have been caring for him.  We decided this was a good morning to visit him and Marilyn in El Cajon.  Frenchie and Marilyn are still a beautiful couple.

This is a very caring way to say a slow goodbye to your loved one.  There is so much love surrounding Frenchie.  It is beautiful to see.  Still it is so sad that Marilyn will now be a widow, too.  We have some good sharing moments as we pay our respects to Frenchie and talk to Marilyn.  Amy said that caring for her Grandpa made her look at her job as a nurse in a whole new way.

I don't think I had noticed Marilyn's beautiful garden in the front, it is mostly all succulents.  I have always wanted to have that kind of garden.  Several of the homes around Linda' house have the succulents mixed in with other plants and it is really lovely.

Linda and Maria had invited me to go to lunch after visiting and tending to the grave of Richard at El Camino.  I was overwhelmed to see so many join us.  We had a lovely time sharing stories about Richard.  So many of the grandchildren did not know him at all.  I really appreciated everyone coming.  In attendance Linda, Amy, Kelly, Sarah, James, Camber, Jacob, Lea,  Maria, Matt, Meagan, Keira, Eden, Kristi, Brynn, Molly,

Meagan's Keira and Kristi's Brynn

Meagan's Eden and Kristi's Molly

Then we all went to a Crepe place nearby.  We were the only ones in to store but it overwhelmed the attendant.  Actually she did a great job getting everyone served.  Some of the youth wondered to other near by vendors and brought food back.  It was such a great time to be with so much family.

It was an emotionally packed day as we shared time at Frenchie's and then with Richard and with so many of the family there.

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