Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lea on Thursday and then Honoring John on Saturday

We just had time to go see Lea with her Cheer Team at Torrey Pines High.

It is hard to believe that little Lea now towers above and is a beautiful highschooler doing intricate routines.  We really enjoyed watching her.

Thursday night was the first time Matt and I found ourselves on our own and took a simple choice, Carl's Jr,, and then watched some TV before turning in.  We were exhausted.

Friday morning I went to the Temple with Linda, had a nice lunch and then home again to Jacuzzi and eat with Matt again.  We were so hungry for good fish and chips we drove up to the one in Oceanside and it was delicious.

On Saturday morning many of us met at Torrey Pines Beach.  Meagan had decided that after 11 years we should find a resting place for John.  Maria knew that Bathtub Rock was his favorite surfing place and so Meagan and all of us agreed that would be a great spot.

However, the tide was higher Saturday morning than I had ever seen the tide at Torrey Pines and so we gathered around a picnic table at the top of the beach and shared stories about John's love for surfing and hiking, etc.  I read the letter that John's friend Matt wrote as to why Bathtub Rock was such a favorite.  James shared many funny and poignant stories about John as the older brother and their experiences with him in learning to surf and hike.  Meagan and Maria and maybe others also shared.  It was a lovely time talking about him for about an hour.

We then went to get Brunch at a local Mexican eatery and agreed to meet again at 4 pm.

When we came back we found out we would have to be back to pick up our cars from the parking lot by 5 PM when the park closed.  Maria urged Keira and I to get an early start on the walk as it took about 30 minutes.  I so enjoyed walking that beautiful beach with Keira.

When we got to Bathrub Rock I needed help getting up but others quickly gathered and we garnered the left hand corner as our own.  A movie about our gathering together and honoring John is on You Tube at
I was so joyful to be there with Meagan, Keira, Eden, Matt and and all my children and other family.  It was a tender remembrance of John all day.

After everyone came to the condo Matt and I were staying in and had a birthday party for me.  My cup runneth over.

 Sunday morning Matt V and I drove home to Lake Almanor.  We had had a wonderful birthday week in Carlsbad and San Diego area!!

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