Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mitch Surprises Me

Mitch surprised me in early May, I knew he was coming but I did not know when.  He looked so good and he is tall!!!!.  He traveled from Asheville, N C up to Michigan and stayed with his grandparents for a bit and then traveled on through the northern part of the U S, even went through Glendive. 

He was driving a truck he bought for $500 and his Dad helped him fix it up and they put a camper roof on top!!  Really works well.

One of the first things I told him was that I was on this special diet to heal my digestive system and he said great, he was having too much heartburn anyway.
So he was my judge of what tasted good and he liked it all and said he didn't have any heartburn while he was here.  He said he would do any of the work I needed.  Wow, that was music to my ears.
So while he was here, he did an amazing job.  There were about 90 bags of trash and he decided to undo his truck, load it all in and haul it to Waste Management.  I was happy to pay the cost to get rid of it all.
There was a huge stack of branches from the winter storm and he chopped all that up and tucked it into my bins.  He worked on the watering system, changed burned out light bulbs.  Always lots of tasks around here for tall, strong guys.
And he finished bagging some waste I hadn't finished.  The yard looked super by the time he was done.  In the meantime he would go back and forth visiting his friends in Susanville and even drove down to see his girlfriend and haul a friend back and forth from Sacramento.
It was delightful and extremely helpful to have Mitch here!!

Later I captured a pix of Mitch and his girlfriend when they went to San Diego to visit Maria and Johnny and Matt and Destiny.  He started work for the Forest Service where he was last summer on May 18th...hope he can save that money to finish college!!!

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