Monday, January 21, 2013

Meet Sadie

Sadie and her brother were rescued from an animal shelter on Dec 12, 2012.   She is a mix.  Her brother looked totally like a Beagel,  Sadie is more like her Mom, a Spaniel, and father perhaps who is Terrier.  I have to qualify this.  In talking to one of the volunteers two weeks later she says they don't really know what her parentage is.  On the spay report the Vet put down chiwawa???  So who in the world are you, Sadie?

She has a sweet, understanding temperment who likes to like your neck and face and picks up new skills fairly easily.
She is enjoying playing with Sarah and friends and her toys but likes to cuddle in her little hooded home as soon as she  enters her  2 x 8 cage in my room. She is a climber, the suitcases were no deterrent to her escaping to the world beyond.

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