Thursday, January 10, 2013

San Carlos

Sunday we had a wonderful birthday dinner for Johnny at the home of Johnny's Mom and Dad in University City.   We had steak and salmon and Susie's wonderful tossed arugula salad and ended up with cake!  The next day I traveled to Linda and Gary's rental in San Carlos and Melissa flew home. 

Since then I have taken my Subaru to the El Cajon Dealership to see if I can find out what is causing it to freeze up sometime.  I thought it was the fuel line but they are talking about transmission!!  That sounds like big costs to me,  tomorrow I will probably get the bad news.  Since I just bought new tires I am hoping it is fixable.  I am not quite ready to  buy a newer car, that is for sure.

Yesterday Linda took me in to get my eyes measured and check in for my cataract surgery next week.  Sounds simple enough, hope all goes well.

The tv here does not record for some reason but you can go into Demand the next day and watch what shows you missed the night before.  That is a new service of Cox I think.  What doesn't show up on Primetime I watch on my computer so I am not missing my regulars.

In the afternoon I have been watching the Food Network and am fascinated with the food that Gianda prepares.  I also watched "Fork and Knife" on Netflix and would really like to try a totally plant based diet for at least a month and see what a difference it would make in my health and especially in my cholesterol.  I think I will pick up a book tomorrow and try it!

It is cooler here lately but I am sleeping well and listening to my books at night and keeping busy keeping up on "Upstairs Downstairs" as well as the new 2013 episodes of my favorite tv shows so all is well. 

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