Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Life of "Camelot"

It is wonderful to have so much time to enjoy the arts.  At night I am listening to the book "Unbroken" which is amazing.  The author Laura Hillenbrand is the one who wrote "Seabiscuit" and her description is of such clarity.  "Unbroken" is the true story of WWII Hero Louis Zamperini, who was an Olympic runner.  His plane went down and he spent 47 days at sea and then two years imprisoned in a Japanese camp of torture.  The movie is being made this year.  He is 95 years old and still touring with his story and attitude of Forgiveness.  His survival was due mainly to his optimistic attitude and use of his brilliant mind, I think, much like "The Count of Monte Cristo" except that the Count was out for revenge, not forgiveness, but what a story.

During the day I have been watching the 1973 series of "Upstairs, Downstairs"   a lot like Downton Abbey.  I love the British series,  there are so many good ones.

Since Netflix was having a problem loading, today I watched TCM.  They are playing the classics, "My Fair Lady", "Camelot". "Hello, Dolly".

It has been awhile since I watched "Camelot" and I had forgotten how well done it was, how great Richard Harris is in it and how sad it is and how beautiful Vanessa Redgrave was as a young woman, and Lancelot, wow, who wouldn't love him.  The words of the songs so marvelously depicted the sad tale and the emotion was so raw.  I cried, I admit, and I couldn't remember how it ended.  I loved the ending, the positive outlook and quote about the young boy "being just a drop in the big motion of the sea but some of them sparkle, some of them sparkle" and the fact that what they had tried to do at "Camelot" would be remembered and the stories retold and others would try to live that way, too.   That is what it is all about, to try and make life good for yourselves and others and to do the best you can.  Of course, it was easy to be sympathetic with Guinevere and Lancelot, too, if you've ever loved passionately and hopelessly, anyway it is.

It reminded me of Richard's relatives who had tried to live the United Order in Nevada but gave up after two and a half years.  We are just so human and weak that someone always ruins perfection.  Reminded me of the Kennedy years, too, "Camelot" as it was called.  He betrayed his wife, he was shot and Camelot was destroyed.

We are so blessed to have song writers and authors who can take history and bring it to life for us in such poignant, message giving, and entertaining ways.

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