Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fairy Tale Interrupted

Giving my eyes a rest, I have been listening to books on my Library To Go on my computer.  I listened to two so-so mysteries and then looked to the autobiography section and came upon the book "Fairy Tale Interrupted".

Rosemary Terrenzio was a young PR person who became the personal assistant to John Kennedy Jr when he started the magazine 'George".  She worked for him for five years until his death in July 1999.  She also becane a close friend of Carolyn, his wife, during that time.  Working for him and being close to Carolyn changed her life, as you can imagine.

This past year she had her memoir published about this time in her life and I found it very entertaining and enlightening about the Kennedys as well as life among the determined to be successful New York yuppies.  It was also very moving as she told about the struggle of her life to begin again and move on after their deaths.

Coming from the Bronz without the background and education of her mentors and those in the Kennedy lifestyle, it is a great listen to of how she learns and copes and becomes a necessary and important part of their life.  She narrates the book herself and I think this adds to its success, probably better to listen to than just read. 

Love memoirs...

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