Monday, December 10, 2012

Wow, Clean Up Going Great

I am so proud of myself that I worked all day.  I had to keep stopping and resting but I usually have to quit after a half day of physical labor any more.  This is good.  Mike thinks we should leave the deck open and put the grill there.  That is an idea if we could finish it nicely.

We now have six piles of cedar boughs that I hope we can get into the back of the Subaru in one trip (on a plastic sheet, of course).  If not, it will have to be two.  Mike will help me with that on Friday.  If we only had a truck...
We have more kindling to chop that I have ever had.
And Ron said he would bring his chain saw and cut up the long piece that is left when he comes back from So. Calif.

Oh, yes, I also collected 10 bags of droppings from the storm and that is only around the house.  The whole back 40 hasn't been touched.  Joys of living in the pines.  My new way of getting rid of those bags is one bag with each garbage pickup.  That means we will always have bags to put out because we collect more than we get rid of...

But I HAD THE ENERGY AND STRENGTH TO DO IT.  THAT IS MAJOR.  Mike had separated all the boughs from the main tree and then I separated the kindling from the throw away boughs.  Too bad no one wants them for Christmas.  Wish I knew someone who wanted the Cedar for carving.  Beautiful wood.

I need to get one of those blow gadgets--it is not easy sweeping the little needles off the driveway after a storm.

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