Friday, December 07, 2012

Great Expectations

Recently I watched the movie "Great Expectations" and have been thinking about expectations and the problems that can come from our expectations.

With my music and imagination I live alot of my expectations in my mind.   I have learned over the years not to have expectations of people because they never do or say what you have high expectations for...but in my daydreams is a life rich with my expectations being met.

Some say we can't accomplish anything good without high expectations but others say to have expectations is to always be disappointed but I liked this from "Anne of Green Gables."  (which actually is great reading for adults),  I read of lot of the series last year but anyway the quote:

"Oh, Marilla, looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them." exclaimed Anne. "You mayn't get the things themselves; but nothing can prevent you from having the fun of looking forward to them.  Mrs. Lynde says, 'Blessed are they who expect nothing for they shall not be disappointed.'
But I think it would be worse to expect nothing than to be disappointed."

I remember when my  college roommate Colleen and I planned a trip over a break to go to one of the shows in Los Angeles--can't remember now what it was but it all fell through and Colleen was devastated but I told her I had already lived it in my mind so I didn't mind so much.  

I also liked this one-- "It is probably unfair to expect the world at large, or even most people, to see us for all we are.  It is essential, however, that we see ourselves for all we are."   by Victoria Moran "Younger by the Day

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