Thursday, December 20, 2012

What I Want

So tomorrow my Reverse Mortgage closes and I will get some cash!!!  Of course, being the sensible person I am, I will not be spending much except for paying bills but...I decided I would satisfy a few wants.  And here is what they are...

New of the nicest memories of my Trafalgar trip to Scandinavia in the year 2000 was the fluffy white towels hanging on rods filled with warm water.  Towels can get so sad and droopy, so new towels are a must.

New white undies...ooh, they can get so dingy and dull, so definitely on the list.

New silky pajamas and one to buy for me anymore so must indulge myself.

New watch...why can I not keep a watch working and without a crack on the face very long I am not sure, but I have been without a watch for a long time now.  Time to invest...

New Vera Wang...I am down to last few scents, so I must replace.  I have many other colognes but I do love my Vera Wang.

More casual many of my everyday plates are chipped, time to throw them out and replace.

A new broom!!!...I love to sweep with a good broom my decks, my steps, my driveway.  Vida always used to sweep the front and back of my house, something I always neglected, now I like to do the same thing.

Teeth cleaned...oh my, I am ashamed I have thrown those reminders away for so long now, I cannot put it off any longer.

Well, except for bills and a few last Christmas things, that is my short list.  I am sure I can think of something else though...that is if there is any left after I pay bills and put some savings away.

Time for my bubble bath.  I do spoil myself these days, loved my long nap today.  That is one of the nicest things about being retired, being able to crash whenever the need arises.  I can remember in 2001 when we were working such long hours in Texas and and I laid my head on my desk for just a minute it boss came and whispered in my ear.  "Janet, if you need a rest, you need to leave the area", no bosses, nobody needing me, I can just nap whenever I want...good there are some perks with old age.

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