Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Bandido and Some Friends Over the Years

Kelsi built a bond with Bandido when she was just a baby.

Jimmy cuddles Bandido, too.  He had lots of loving.

The boys wanted to carry him in their back pack.  Which is what I did sometimes when he got tired in his old age.  He also rode in my basket around Mission Bay and Beach.  I wish I had a picture of that.  He was under 2 then.

Mitch had the soft touch.

Sarah and her friends so wanted to be able to take Bandido on a walk.  He didn't want to move unless I was walking with him, too.  He could be very stubborn.

Baja Beige is what his groomer in Pacific Beach called him.  He really got dirty on this hike with Marjorie and I.
He had one great trip to the cabin in Silver Gate!

He liked walking on the beach, but did not want to go near the water.  Same with the lake.  Marjorie's dog would just jump in--not Bandido.

Kelsi gave Bandido lots of love.
Here with Melissa a few years ago--
they both have the curly hair. 
Better days, he looked so handsome.

He spent lots of time with the Valko family.

Keira's first time sitting in a dog cage I am sure.  She is not quite certain what his reaction will be.  But he was mellow.

I wish I had a picture of my sister Jeanne with Bandido, she cared for him very well on some of my SBA trips, as did Camber, James, Mike, Linda and Maria--wish I had more pix of him with his friends.

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