Thursday, January 03, 2013

Off to San Diego

I drove to Chico on Wednesday and the roads were not bad but it is very cold at Chico at night.  Melissa and I saw the movie "Guilt Trip" which was  ok funny.  I have always enjoyed Barbara Streisand movies.  Thursday I slept later than I should have so we didn't arrive in San Diego till dark.  We should have driven on 395!  Still having some problems with Subaru, so will have to check it out in San Diego at the Subaru dealer.  There is still so much snow in Lake Almanor, it is sticking to the trees and roof but the snow blower is fixed and Mike has his Dad's 4 Wheel Drive so he should be fine. Maria had spaghetti for us made out of brown rice.  It was good, I will have to buy some of that.

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