Saturday, February 02, 2013

Family Celebrates My 80th Birthday

Many, many thanks to my children for having such a super 80th birthday party!!!  And many, many thanks for all those that came.
We gathered at James and Camber's home for my Family Birthday Party.

Kristi and youngest great grandchild Brynn from Las Vegas

Kate and Ryan from Las Vegas with Kelsi from RSF

Kristi with Ryan.  They drove from Las Vegas with Amy and new van broke down in Victorville!!!   Not fair.


Camber's parents Mary and Greg came from San Clemente and of course, James and all their children were there.  

Daughter Linda from San Carlos and son Craig from Santa Monica

Gary, Linda's husband has Doctorate from Loyola with daughter's Kelly and Amy

On the program, teaching the Jitter Bug from the 40's, Lea learned it that afternoon and helped me.

Keira danced to "It's a Hard Knock Life"  from Annie!!!

Maria came straight from San Marcus where she works for CSU--she also has her Master's!!!

Other families in attendance were the Rasimas and Hinton families--(my camera ran out of batteries but Linda has more pix to come).

Cousins playing in Kelsi's 'cave'.

Wonderful guacamole and salsa.  The menu was Mexican with gluten free cupcakes, cheesecake and root beer floats for dessert.  All my favorites!

Other items on the program--James had people try and answer questions about me.  Some answers were a surprise to them!  Linda made a 13 minute movie of my life and put it to music.  I loved all the pix with my family,  my children and husband, my grandchildren and great grandchildren and the great music that went with it.

Everyone wrote down ideas for my "bucket" list.   Most of them were beyond my capability but I will consider a few of them!  I have no desire to skydive, however.

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