Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sadie and Bear

When I nap, guess who naps with me.  Bear is the Hardy dog and Sadie has taken a big liking to him.  They chase and tussle and love to go out walking together.  In fact, it is hard to take one without the other.

Since it is such a big house and so many doors it is hard for them to tell you when they need to go out--so I take them out quite often.  It doesn't always help.

Yesterday I went to a movie and ran some errands and left Sadie in her 2 by 8 ft cage.  She had food and water and her 'cave' to sleep in.  She was fine.  But Bear wanted her out.  When I came home, Bear gave me a long, loud scolding.  There was no mistaking what he was telling me with his angry barks..

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