Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Netflix Rules!

I am keeping busy with running errands and walking dogs and eating plus a lot of watching Netflix.  I finished the series "Upstairs, Downstairs", "Doc Martin" as well as some choice movies.  Currently I am really enjoying "House of Cards". 

Saturday I met Maria at El Callehon in Encinitas for some really delicious Mexican food.  I have mostly been eating fish tacos but that night I had pork tostados.  The pork was so good.  They also make their own chips and salsa and we had to have refills.  It was funny when we met at the restaurant.  I thought I was in the wrong place (I was parked so I could not see the restaurant).  I called Maria and she directed me.  I left the parking lot, drove a half block and turned around and then had to turn around again and I ended up in exactly the same place I was before except this time I saw Maria standing in front of the restaurant.  Duuuh, I am such a looney sometimes.

Then we went to La Costa to catch a movie and it was all filled up!  I drove all through Encinitas with my lights out and didn't realize it.

Today I met Connie and we ate at Chilis in Clairemont.  We took a long time eating and talking and I am sure it irritated them but there was plenty of seating available.  When we got up to go to the restaurant (in a hurry) the waiter told us it wasn't available as there was work being done.  We were aghast and then he told us he was kidding.  I thought that was very mean of him.  I should complain to the manager!!!  You don't fool old ladies about that!

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m. miura said...

I watched a little of House of Cards with Mitch and enjoyed it. Now I am watching all of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. It's a good show if you've never seen it. When are you driving back up and is anyone coming with you? I have spring break over the week of March 18th and was considering if I should go down to San Diego.

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