Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sadie and the Toilet Paper

I brought a package of toilet paper up from the garage and had taken one out and left the rest on the bed.  I had a letter to address and mail so I went into the office and then outside to the postbox.  I was busy for 6-8 minutes max.

I was schocked to find paper strewn throughout the house when I returned.  How she did all this into so many small pieces in such a short time is nothing more than amazing to me.

Of course, she got a real scolding, I was so upset with her.

Yet, the next day in a careless moment I left the tp on the bathroom rug instead of putting it in the holder and she did it all over fast.

Bad dog...bad Janet, pay attention to what you are doing, you have a beast in the house!

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