Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Good Things

Yesterday I received six discs of good music from a high school friend, Joanie, who I probably haven't seen since college days.  She has a collection of around 9000 pieces on digital and sent me what I asked for which was about 100 or so.   So nice of her!!!  I love it.

So I have it all on my Itunes and Ipod and can now listen to three versions of "Paper Doll", the Mill Brothers, Big Bands like Benny Goodman, Harry James, Ink Spots, Ames Brothers, and lots more of Vic Damone and Jerry Vale.  Most of the music is from  the 40's and 50's.

I did make an interesting playlist called Chris and Harry though and it is alternate pieces of Chris Botti and Harry James on their trumpets.  Interesting to see the different music between today and 60 years ago.  Both terrific.

So much of the music from those days is considered classics that I have the same songs sung by several different artists spanning 60 years.  Very nice, love it.  Sometime during all my moves all my old  record collection was lost so I really love this.

Today I let Sadie out for one of her 'runs' and when she is free like that I am never sure how much coaxing I am going to have to do to get her to come home.  I started out toward the back looking for her and immediately tripped on a root and fell flat on my face.  Kudos to Sadie she immediately came running to see if I was hurt.  I wasn't.

I also had a good day making a box for one of my Shirley Temple dolls.  I thought it turned out lovely and I watched some videos on the Mormon Channel on Roku while doing it, it was a big box and took lots of paper. 

I also finally started my Yoga yesterday, it looked so easy and slow but the stretching is so new for my old body it is aching so much I can hardly walk...not good.

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