Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Addled Brain

One of the problems I have noticed most with my aging brain is my spelling.  I used to be able to spot a misspelled word immediately and I rarely ever got a word wrong when I wrote.  Now I find I think I have written something correctly only to go back later and find many errors.

I also can't remember the correct way to spell things anymore.  Every time I write about Silver Gate, Montana, a place I have frequented since I was a child I have to ask myself--is it Silver Gate or Silvergate?  I just can't remember.  And it is the same with names, when I write about Keira, I have to stop and think, is it Keira or Kiera?  She is almost three years old, you think I would have learned it by now.  And even when I think I have written it right, I go back later I find I wrote it wrong.

It is vey humbling to have your brain pull tricks on you, especially when it leads you to believe you have done a good job, only to find you left something in, you intended to have out or vice versa.

I have been making videos of my pictures and putting them on You Tube--a good game would be to go through them and count all the mistakes...but I doubt anyone will even watch them, let alone be interested in seeking for errors.  But to me, it is very humbling and makes me realize I had better put a speed up on all the projects I have left to do, before my brain completely turns to mush.

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