Friday, September 06, 2013

Keeping Up with High Tech

I broke down and got myself a Tablet--I decided in today's world it is just part of the scene and probably more necessary than a microwave oven.  The Church is encouraging everyone to have their own digital manuals and scriptures and I can see why.  I got the Samsung Galaxy 3--10 inch.  Really like it so far except for the games I accidentally added in some foreign language, not sure how that happened.

Once I made my decision, I ordered it at 10:30 AM on Thursday and it was shipped that night and arrived on my front deck late morning on Friday--from Arkansas.  How do they do that?  When I ordered it, they said it would be delivered on Monday, which seemed reasonable to me.  But free overnight delivery?  Wow.

Anyway I still like my Kindle Paperwhite strictly for my reading books.  It is so easy to hold for late night reading which is getting to be more and more when I read my books.  Currently I am reading "Secret Daughter" by Gowda.  It is such a revelation to me reading about India and the diverse conditions that abound in that country.  I think this is a first book for this author...excellent.

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