Friday, July 19, 2013

Alan and Elaine Hardy Visit

Richard's nephew Alan and his wife Elaine are taking the scenic route on a trip to Oregon and so stopped by my home for a night.  It was such a delightful visit with them.  They live in Boulder City and have another big home in Gunlock, where they have a huge garden and can and bottle foods and juices.  We stayed there once and what a wonderful place to gather family.

Elaine brought a jar of pomegranate jelly she had made and I finally had to get up in the middle of last night so I could have a toaster waffle and spread it with the jelly.  It was as delicious as I thought it would be.

One thing interesting is that Alan wanted a couple of head shots I had in Richard's Memory Book of Warren Hardy and Caroline Blake and I said I had just scanned them from another book.  I then asked him if he was into Family History and he said he was.  I suggested he come and look at the Family History books I had from his Grandma Vida and if he wanted any he could have them.  He had as much right to them as my children did.  He was so happy to find just the book he had been searching for and in fact he had prayed he could find a copy.  I am sure neither one of us had  anticipated such an event.  Prayers are answered.

Speaking of, I found my phone!!!  Last Tuesday I had carried my phone in a bag with a tin plate and utensils and a water bottle to a picnic in the Clear Creek Park with the RS Ladies.  The next morning I could not find my phone.  Of course, I went to the park and expected to find it under the picnic table I had sat at.  I could just imagine that it had tumbled out of my bag when I brought the bottle and utensils out of  my bag.  Alas, it was not there.  I sent emails and phone calls but no one had seen it.  I stopped the service and prayed I would find it.

Today I decided I better go in to Verizon when I went to Susanville for a Walmart run and see what my options were.  I took my old phone with me to see if it was able to work and have my numbers all transferred to it.  On the way to Westwood I noticed my Blue Tooth was reading my phone so I pulled over at the Clear Creek turnoff and did a more thorough search than I had already done three times before!!!  Lo and behold it was hiding in a nook and cranny behind the front seat.  I wish I had thought about that Blue Tooth before.  I would never make a very good detective!

Thinking back I realized what happened.  On the way to the park I had stopped to pick up Karen and while I waited for her I noticed my bag was full of water because my water bottle had turned over.  I took the bottle out and got out of the car with the bag to get the water out.  The phone must have tumbled out as I exited the car and I never noticed it was gone till the next morning.  I did search the car at least three times but it was in a weird spot and I missed it and the only time I had driven was when I was  showing Alan and Elaine around the Club and so I had not noticed that my Blue Tooth was on.  Whew!!

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