Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Utahna Comes to Town

When I first moved to Lake Almanor Utahna was the first to reach out and take me to the concert with her and her husband.  She would bring me plates of cookies and invite me to her home for Family Night.  I helped her with getting her genealogy going online.  She, Marjorie, and I were in a little singing skit together and she was the star!!  She was 82 then. 

She is now 96 and is still going strong.  She recently negotiated a move to a different Care facility because the place she was at was giving too many pills and would not honor her wishes.  She has also traveled to four weddings around the country recently with the help of a nephew.  Flying and traveling are no problem for her, she enjoys it all.  She has been a widow for several years and moved down to Chico, a warmer climate just 75 miles away.

California girl totally.  She said she left her passport somewhere and they took her aside at the airport and interviewed her and let her through.  Evidently age does have its privileges.  When she went to the Temple she had forgotten her Recommend so they called her Bishop.  After talking to her Bishop the presiding gentleman came out and said, "Stand aside everyone, this lady is going to be translated any minute now." (He had heard such a glowing report on her).

 She is teaching a Bible Class to a group who she said needed experience reading.  She also befriended a gentleman in hospice for three months (she has always cheered the "old people" in the hospital) and he left her a small fortune!!!  Another story to show her commitment and resilience.  Just before a friend called for her to drive her to the Temple she fell flat on her face on the cement and scratched her face in several places.  She went in and washed off the blood and got in the car to go.  Her friend said "I can't take you like that,"  but Utahna insisted they proceed and she went through the 90 minute Temple visit before thinking about her face again and she has the scars to prove it.

 Utahna is such a jewel, I have never heard a discouraging or negative word from her.  I thought I was too old to be concerned about beautifying my teeth and she just had hers done. She thinks I am young.  What a choice lady, Utahna.  Glad she counts me as a friend.

Recent lily blooms--no deer eating them yet--first thing I look at every morning!

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