Thursday, July 11, 2013

Maintaining My Home--and Fun at the Movies

Two for two!!!  Living alone can be frustrating with maintenance of home tools and utilities.  My vacuum was not picking up and had been that way for a long time.  I had already cleaned the brush as Richard had taught me years ago.  He was the best vacuum fixer I know.  I had discussed it with Matt and intended to get out the manual and work with him on it and then I forgot and he went home.  So I get out the book and aha, I find a new place I never knew about and simply dislodged the clog and the first run around the bedrooms almost filled my vacuum with dirt and fibers!!!  I am a success.

Then the refrigerator started freezing the cut cantaloupe.  Lowering the temp just made it worse.  Well, that is what manuals are for and luckily for us of the modern age they are always on line.  First thing I learn,  you should run the refrigerator at 3 or 4 at least or it makes the fridge work harder and it freezes even more things.  Simple solution, follow the directions for cleaning, of course, and voila, it works great and no more frozen fruit!

A few days ago I had the pleasure of watching Bette Davis in "Now, Voyager"--I couldn't remember a thing or perhaps I was too young for that type of movie when it came out.  She had won the Oscar for it.  I found that it was 23 on the AFI 100 Passions--interesting that most of them are the "oldies" which I love.  Looking over the list I find there 8 that I could not remember seeing, now to find them.

The 100 AFI (American Film Institute") lists are fun to read.  My favorite song is the #1 on the Songs of the Cinemas--that would be "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" of course, so, see I am not so weird after all.  The quote that is memorable from "Now, Voyager" is something like, "Jerry, let's not reach for the moon, we already have the stars."  A good thought to remember.  Most of the memorable quotes I was familiar with.  #1 film was "Casablanca"--watched it again not too long ago.  I did not necessarily agree with their placement on everything, such as the movie star lists.  And some movies I love were too near the bottom of the 100.  Fun lists for sure if you love the movies like I do.  Thanks to Ted Turner for preserving so many of the very favorites.

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