Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Day of Movies and Books

I had never read any of David Baldacci books so I chose to read some reviews before I downloaded "One Summer" as a audio on my computer.  It was interesting that  many of the reviews from his fans did not like this book.  It is evidently a big departure from his other best sellers.  However, the ones who did like it, really loved it.  And that is the way I felt about it.  It was like the Nicholas Sparks books.  The author said it was a book that he had been wanting to write for a long time.  I had a good cry in the last part and you became very frustrated at how the legal system works against families, rather than for them much of the time and how we all have difficulty with relationships and communication and how unfair life is sometimes no matter how well you do your part.  Anyway I fell asleep last night and it played to the end and I slept through it all but it was easy to find where I dosed off and hear it all early this morning.  And I am happy to find another author who really knows how to write.  Especially his love letters!!!

Maryanne and I had an fun time watching "White House Down" yesterday.  What an exciting movie and how well Channing Tatum looks!

Then during the witching hours (what I used to call 5 to 7 when the children were little) I really enjoyed a TCM oldie "Devotion".  It was the story of the Bronte sisters when they were writing "Wuthering Heights" and "Jane Eyre".  What a great movie.  Osborne told the story of how it was kept on the shelves for 3 years after it was made as punishment to Olivia De Havilland because she was trying to leave the studio.  Actually eventually she was successful at that and then she won the Academy Award for the picture she made elsewhere.  Then they released "Devotion" and rode success on the coattails of that other movie.  I recorded it originally because Ida Lupino was in it and she is a favorite of mine. 

Anyway it was a day of movies and books and a good thing, too, because I was soooo tired.  Today I must make bread before it gets too hot, I am almost out and tomorrow is the 4th.  Haven't decided whether I want to go into the parade and craft fair.  Maybe Matt will be here.  It did rain last evening so the heat spell is broken.  Good day!

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