Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I watched a couple of the Ted talks from Lifehack and was impressed with Shawn Achor who argues that instead of doing our work harder so we can be successful so that we will be happy that happiness inspires productivity so create the happiness in the present and you will be better and do better at everything you do.  He suggests rewiring your brain by:
  • Writing down 3 gratitude's a day for 21 days and at the end of 21 days our brain will be trained to  a pattern of looking for the positive things in our life
  • Journal about one positive thing each day so you can relive it
  • Exercise everyday so our mind and body know that our behavior matters
  • Meditate so we can get over the multi tasking and learn to focus on one important task at a time
  • Do random acts of kindness and it will become a habit of happiness
"Ripples of positivity will turn into a real revolution."  You will be happy in the present and thus more productive and do better in every phase of your life.  Makes sense to me!!

It goes along with the "as if" theory that Richard tried to live by, living as if everything was just the way he wanted it in his life.  And James always tells me he only wants to hear positive things, no negative thoughts in life.

Unfortunately I am too much of a realist at times, which leads to always waiting for the other shoe to drop and expecting the worst instead of the best.

I must say I have tried to make a habit of a few of the above items--I can do all of them.  How about those 20 shows of yoga I have saved to do someday, why not start today!!!

And my three gratitude's for today are 1--my legs that are still working and I can do most everything for myself  2--my brain is still functioning and I can do many writing, thinking, and creative tasks  3--my house to live in and keep me safe and warm (or cool).

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