Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Health Care

I was interested in reading about the problems with the Obomacare computer program and it is much more than a glitch and will need an overhaul.  We had the same problems with a loan computer program that came out while I was working for SBA.  They had put so many millions in to it that they had to use it so had to fix it and I am afraid this is the same situation.

But also the idea that because of the problems all ready popping up (which honestly we all knew would, didn't we--I did anyway) that the premiums to the consumer are going to be so high that the healthy young are going to opt out and pay the penalty and insurance companies will be stuck with all the less desirable and more problems for them.  The problems are so obvious it appears the program will eventually fail so why fight about it--move on to another problem.

At least that is the word this morning,  for the wise, anyway.

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