Friday, October 04, 2013

What a Night!!

Wednesday night  I was feeling very badly about something but I finally got to sleep but woke up around 1:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I decided to look at the package I had received of a gadget that would let me make my old VHS cassettes into movies to upload to You Tube.  The gadget cost  about $95 bucks or so.  I took it out and was reading the directions and put it on the bed with some other stuff and I would work on it tomorrow.  In the meantime I still could not sleep.  So I decided to print some things off I needed.  

The printer jammed so I unjammed it and put it back together, in fact I did that about 5 times and it still didn’t work so I got out the book and disk and couldn’t find the help I needed so I went online and found some more help and worked for a long time on it but Sadie was crying so I stopped and let her out and she was antsy so I finally was going to let her outside but it was too late she had gone pooh by the door.  I carry the pooh back to the bathroom and flush the toilet and the toilet almost overflows so I take the lid off and hold it a bit and then go find my hanger to unclog it and flush it to work.  Finally get that to working.   I thought I had closed my bedroom door so Sadie could not get in there while I was in the office.  That is important as she cannot be trusted--she is still a puppy who likes to chew. 

Then it is back to the printer to work on,  I am already thinking I will need to take it to Chico but how am I ever going to lift it to take it down the stairs???  Then I spy one more little piece of paper stuck in the roller.  After many tries I use a tweezers to get it out.  I put the printer all back together but I need more paper to see if it works. I keep it under the bed but it is so far back I can’t reach it so I go to get a broom.  And that is when I see Sadie.  She has gotten into my bedroom after all and out of all the things on my bed she chose the new gadget to chew on and ruin and there is $95 gone!!!! 

After scolding her and putting her back in her cage and cleaning up her mess I finally get the paper out from under the bed and yea the printer works!
I have fixed the refrigerator, the dish washer and the disposal and now the printer by going on line and finding some instructions.  How did we ever live without the internet to tell us how to do everything?  Anyway it is now 3:45 in the morning.  Two hours of work and frustration...just one thing after another.  I finally got to sleep and slept in...luckily Sadie likes to sleep in, too.

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