Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Nicholas Evans, a Favorite Author

Nicholas Evans is an amazing author but he has only written five books, all of which take place, at least in part, in Montana, though he is an Englishman.  Interesting about his life on his website and the poisonous mushrooms.   The five books are The Horse Whisperer, The Loop, The Smoke Jumpers, The Divide and The Brave.  My favorite is The Loop, about the wolves.

I am actually listening  for the second time to The Brave.  I had forgotten I had already read it but I am actually enjoying it more the second time because it is a complicated book and it is good to have a little background. 

It is kind of a dark book in that there are so many issues of different people but I really like his writing--in depth, but clear and like you are there living it.  You can become quite emotional about the problems the characters have.

Anyway I really enjoy using my Samsung Tablet for listening to books while I am doing a project such as cooking, cleaning, and decoupage.  I will finish my last doll box today and then all my dolls have boxes to store them in.  I just don't put them out anymore.

Unfortunately I am feeling the repercussions from my intense workout cleaning the debris last week.  My legs and back are really aching and I hate to take the pills because of the damage they can do.  I have a Dr apt Friday and the last time something was too high because of the Ibuprofen I had been taking. 

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