Friday, October 04, 2013

The You Tube Project

One thing Maria taught me while she was here was how to upload to You Tube.  It has totally consumed me as I have uploaded my photo albums.  I find it a much more practical way of looking at your pictures and saves putting them in albums, etc. etc.  Great for the memory of an old lady like me.  Then I found our old home movies and I figured out how to put most of them on You Tube.  That was a fun thing to share and now we have John's clever surf movies forever.  I also enjoyed looking at my Mom and Dad, Stan, Rod, Sherry, Laurie and especially Richard and John in living color, that is a treasure.

Now Linda is uploading her movies and her kids are so clever and funny.  Most of them I have never seen, so what a joy--not so fun to see bad pictures of yourself though.  Anyway I am a You Tube fan-thank you, Maria.

This week I have also had to clean up the yard for fall and Matt is not here.  It has taken me literally 4 days to do what he would do in a few hours!!  I have to work awhile, then rest awhile, then nap and fortunately my muscles which ached so much the first day do not feel so badly anymore--so it is good for me I keep telling myself, even though I think I am going to have a heart attack any minute. 

Tomorrow I must load the rest of the wood up on the deck.  I have already had my first fall wood fires and it really warms up the house, love it.  This morning is was 40 degrees so it must be cooler at night.

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