Thursday, October 24, 2013

Paper Dolls

In my organizing efforts I sorted out all my paper dolls and I have 54 uncut sets in different categories!!!!  Melissa asked me if I was putting names on them for the grandchildren.  I said, "No, but they can probably sell them on E-bay when I am gone!"  Probably the one that would be worth the most is "Gone with the Wind".  It was made for the 50th Anniversary of the movie and I am so appreciative of Jennifer for getting them for me.


Why do I love paper dolls so much?  It was one of my most favorite past times as a child.  The hundreds of hours we spent in playing the imaginary lives of our paper dolls I cannot even assess.  It was a lot!!!  We loved changing their clothes and having countless scenarios of interplay. The Bride and Groom sets were a special favorite because they had so many characters in them.  Especially the time I spent with Donna S at paper dolls in her lovely double size bedroom with her Mom always serving us hot fudge sundaes and ice box cookies--everything homemade, yum.  We would have the dolls spread all around but took excellent care of them.   I wonder why her big sister who shared her room never complained?

In my preschool days it was the Seven Dwarfs and Snow White dolls I would have around my living room while the other children were at school.  I have never found any paperdolls to replace them.  Another favorite I had which I have never found is "Baby Sandy".  It was a big baby paperdoll with lots of fun clothes.

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