Monday, October 07, 2013

Sadie--the Halloween Dog

Today as I saw Sadie run across the street and down the hill I thought, "ok, no more roaming privileges for you."  She does love to run so I have been letting her out in the morning and late afternnon without a leash and she loves it.  Yesterday she chased a deer and there are not many cars around this time of year.  And then I thought, "What about when we were young, the dogs all ran free and we didn't worry about the cars, what is so different now?" 

I don't know but I do think the dogs need to learn some things by themselves.  And just as I thought that I looked out back and there was Sadie sitting on her bed.  She did not run away, she did know her way home and she was ok. 

She shows her feminine character occasionally.  She will not step on the piddle pad I keep in her cage.  She does not want to walk on it even it is clean.  She hems and haws until I pick it up and then she will go in to eat or out to play.

But she is still a puppy and cannot be trusted.  Today as I was sitting at my computer and I could hear her on the bed behind me, I thought, "oh, well, there is nothing there interesting for her to chew."

Wrong!!!  A minute later I noticed a lipstick was missing.  I had visions of red all over my new white carpet.

But she was playing with it on the blue towel I keep in front of the stove when I am making fires.  Luckily she hadn't been able to get the lipstick up, just chewed it closed...

Halloween she will be one year old.

Also I am wondering what to do about those 2 inch longer hairs that the other hair that stick up all over.  Should they be trimmed off or not?  Her hair is thin.  It dries very fast, very different than Bandido and it does shed a little but supposedly does not grow as Bandido's did.

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