Saturday, July 04, 2015

Flash Flooding and Hail on July 3

"Yesterday was just awful"--from ANNIE which I watched yesterday and I was in the middle of "Days of Thunder" when it started thundering and lightening and raining hard and then hailing violently and mud was rushing to the patio and down both sides of the yard and I was like a crazy person trying to decide whether it was safe and trying to take pictures and the wi fi on my phone wasn't working and I could not reach anyone.

I finally reached Maryanne and the rain had not hit Chester yet and she was on her bicycle when it did.  I did not realize my phone was not working right.  She could not get me back till a little later but she had not heard about the flood warning either.

I have never seen the water flood quite so violently and fast.  I had seen a note earlier about a flood watch in Plumas County and I discounted it as how could it flood where  I was?  Now I know.  I ruined a lot of pix trying to take them through the window or screen as it was too scary to open the door.

What a mess.  All my plants pretty much ruined, for the moment anyone, if not the whole summer. The lilies were just ready to bloom, bloom, bloom, now it is a lot on the ground.

The yard was looking it's best in years and now is just a big mess to rake up.  What a bummer, life is not fair, I was keeping it up and it was so clean,  but I am safe, so that is what is important right, yeah right.  Scared to death for a few moments though.

I thought the windows were going to break for sure and the roof sounded like it could come through.  Just glad the damage was all in the yard and in the plants, there goes a few bucks down the tubes or I should say street...

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