Thursday, July 09, 2015

Janet, The Handy Lady

Tuesday night after working for two days cleaning up from the storm I also decided to tackle the dishwasher not draining and the disposal not working.

A quick trip to You Tube for a reminder of how and I learned something new--put a little baking soda and water together and pore down the dishwasher area where I had just cleaned out the screens (where it drains) and then pore vinegar and then hot water down.  It works.  Dishwasher draining.  On Good Morning America the other day the demonstrator lady said it did not matter if you rinsed--ha, she never had debris get stuck in her dishwasher drain.  Of course it matters.  Rinse!!!!  Scrape Off!!!

Then to the disposal.  Tried the thingy on the bottom, did not work, but You Tube showed me where debris usually gets stuck and I found a tooth pick wedged in there!!!  Got it out, and used the broom ( as Richard always did) and the red button and voila, it is working again.  It emphasizes how important it is to pull the plug out before start working on the disposal.  All I need is more chopped fingers...

Anyway You Tube to the rescue for the third time this week, Johnny had directed there me to get the folding door off the dishwasher area earlier.

And now today they are bringing the new washer.  I wonder how many loads to wash I have.  My guest tub is full of all the towels (from cleaning up leaking water and my bath towels) plus all the dish towels, etc.

The hamper is full of jeans and shirts used everyday and during the clean up outside and the laundry bag is full of undies!

I finally bought a laundry plastic basket for $2.47 from Walmart so I can carry wet laundry etc., how have I lived so long without such a cheap but needed thing???

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