Thursday, July 09, 2015


I was having an interesting conversation with Maria about her work.  She is the highest paid Budget Analyst at her college now!!!  She also developed an Excel Assessment which she used to determine whether or not job seekers really knew Excel.  They all say they do but with this little test she really knew whether they did or not.  It is so good that it was adapted for the other CSU's to use also!!!!

Maria was always so detailed and dug deep to get the answers and figure everything out.  She worked as Richard's special assistant from the time she was a sophomore but she also worked on many projects for him for years before that.  And yet most all the higher learning she did was after she married and on her own or special classes.  She really is amazing.  She says Melissa is amazing, she understands all that and is so creative with her skills as well.  She says the Business graduates from college now really know the Excel program well but she is always having problems with her older lady assistants who either just don't get it or want to get it.  Computer skills are so important, I hope all the grandchildren realize that.

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