Tuesday, July 07, 2015

My Life Today

So I notice a San Paulo charge of 33 cents on my charge card and six days later a credit of 32 cents. What would you think?  I thought, aha, someone is testing my card and may charge more the next time since it worked.

However, the credit card employee online says it just means that a merchant made a mistake when hand inputting a number on a card and corrects it when it is noticed.  The penny difference is because of currency differences.  What?????

The fraud unit did not consider it significant enough to be fraud so....I lose a penny!!!

Strange world we live in, like many others of the 40s and 50s I often yearn for the simple life of yesteryear.

Other than that, the cleanup is going better than expected.  It is because of the dampness of the area you can rake the branches, etc up fairly easy without a lot of other dirt etc.  The hard part for me is the gathering of the piles.  I could hire someone to take it to the Chester landfill or I can bag it and let it go for free one bag a week, so that is probably what I will do.

The real problem is getting all the dirt out of my sand river rock patio, that does take time.   I can't scrape it when neighbors are home so it is going slowly and it is hard work to push away all the collected dirt around the edges, very hard work.  Where is a good man when you need one? Then I have to clean the dirt out of individual openings.  It would be good if I redid certain low area but that is way too much work.

Thankfully Maryanne was in Chico yesterday and bought me cheaper sand than I can get here, so hopefully by the end of the week, the work will be done.  So far I have raked most all of the yard and blown the front drive and deck and do not feel too bad.  My health regime must be working.

Sunday we had a chapel overflowing.  It is fun to have all the visitors in the summer.  And especially on Fast Day we can hear their stories.  Lots of great testimonies, mostly from men.  Kathy gave an especially great lesson, she is a gifted teacher though her husband says she always worries about it.

Margaret say her husband is doing well, riding his exercise bike and up on the v machine which she says helps him so much.  She is able to walk him around quite well by holding on to his belt.  Bless her heart, I know she is not getting too much help but she is a saint and never complains.

My rest from raking etc is to come in and work on a puzzle while resting.  It is another hard one so quite a challenge.

I talked to Jeanne and she sounds very good, spent the day and night with Brian and Norma in Midway and Jenny and her children were there so really enjoyed it.  /She is very healthy with no physical problems.  Marilyn continues to struggle with Arky's anemic condition and has to go in to the hospital for transfusions.  It is hard for her.  Carole and family are at the cabin so haven't heard about her 4th.  I enjoy seeing Keira and Eden on Instagram and You Tube and Kristi had uploaded some new videos, too.  So fun to watch.  She and Mike had a wonderful trip in Costa Rica it looked like, so adventurous!!!

Last week we saw the movie "Max" which was so good.  Wondeful to have such a smart dog.  Sadie is so cute and sweet and smart.  When the dog and neighbor start their walk the dog usually runs over here and Sadie cries to go out, she won't bark, just cries.  I let her out and zooms off.  I notice she never jumps on my neighbor but just stands beside him for a minute before getting greeted and running off with her friend.  After their walk she comes right back.  Good dog.

The birds are still going in and out of their house but today I saw two cute smaller birds on the run line.  Were they the babies emerged?  I can';t tell!!!

Unfortunately the swimming area at Rec 1 is contaminated from the storm and they don't know when it will be ok to swim in the lake there.  Boo hoo...

Two more days to being able to wash again!!!!  What next will go wrong, sooner or later the water heater will give I am afraid...hope the roof doesn't leak and of course, there is the tile on the kitchen conter that gets worse and worse.   So many things that can go wrong...

In the meantime I love being able to listen good music at any time in so many ways...

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