Thursday, July 09, 2015

The Beat Up and The Survivors

I have spent the last three days doing clean up, today I am taking a rest and will have to finish bagging another day.  The raking and branch gathering is done.  Many need chopping though.  Still lots of bags today.  Have only four done!

The hardest part was getting all the dirt and mud off of the patio.  I used the hoe (scraping sound) when neighbors were off boating and then the weeder in between the rocks, lots of broom and raking and till finially it was clean enough to put new sand.  I had asked Maryanne to buy play sand from Lowes which was on sale but all she could find was the utility sand.  I am glad because the utility sand almost cements them together and its much more stable and no slipping on the fine sand.  So, lesson learned, do not use the fine sand.  It also has more texture and a darker color between the rocks. Good job, Janet!  Oh, yes, I also used the blower and it worked very well to get rid of some of that mud!

Day after Storm, picnic table is all pitted also


The Beat Up

The Survivors

Of course, it was just a few flowers for me but I thought about the pioneer ancestors who the hail and drought meant whether they ate or not...

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