Monday, July 13, 2015

It's a Hard Knock Life

What an exhausting week and I am only half done bagging!!!!  I have 15 so far and probably 1 and 1/2 times that left!!!!  It is really hard on me to bend down so much but I notice my belt was a hole tighter yesterday so maybe it is worth it!!  Saturday I tackled the house and it was a mess and finished the laundry.  So much work this week I was really feeling sorry for myself.  So what is new.  I guess my role in life is to work, work, work.  No rest for the weary or wicked, whatever...

Sue and I were commiserating at church, she has a lot to clean up, too but her neighbors were so much worse off than both of us.  Their home is lower on a corner lot and they got mud runoff from all directions and it stopped right on their lawn etc.

Today I really needed to go to Susanville and load up on things but I decided I was too tired so stayed home and caught up my financials.  I also did the watering and two more bags and then in for a long morning nap.

In the afternoon I decided to quench my donut craving and made some of the donut holes from my Gluten free book.  They really hit the spot and I froze some to see if that works.

I wish I could get a picture of the two baby birds peeking their heads out looking for their Mom or Dad.  Soon the Dad, I think, swooped in and they disappeared.  I had to use binoculars from inside my house to make sure I could watch them undisturbed but I can't zoom my camera that much.  They have fat little faces.  When I look at how lower the base of the birdhouse is I wonder what they are standing on--is there that much nesting stuff in there?  Very interesting.  I wonder when their launch date is and who were all the six birds I took pictures of earlier this week?  I also buried three birds this week, I wonder who is killing them?  Sadie brought home a little baby birdie which I quickly buried.

I had such a hard time hearing Jim in SS.  He tends to mumble to himself it seems and he is aware he does not talk loud enough.  I was telling him afterward and he said he would try and talk louder and I should sit in the first row.  Ron said I should get hearing aids but out of all the reading of scriptures there was only one personI could not hear besides the teacher.  They just do not talk and project their voices for some reason.  Reminds me of the speech class I took at BYU.  I heard the recording of my first day and I was like a mouse and then for my final I was really projecting my voice and it sounded good.  I can't remember what we had to learn to do though to make it so.  He puts his hand or his remote up to his mouth and chin and drops his head which makes it even worse.  He is a good teacher but today he was much quieter than last week, maybe because we were in the chapel last week...strange.

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