Sunday, October 07, 2012

Conference Sunday Oct 7

The emotions are very full today, I must remember to go back and listen to Elder Eyring, Elder Holland and Pres Monson's closing remarks in the morning session again.  There is such an urgency and plea in their voices as they talk to draw near to the Lord and serve others in knowing about his gospel.

Both Elder Eyring and Holland had difficulty in speaking, I have never heard them so close to tears in their messages.  Elder Hollands description of the early apostles coming to understand their mission, was especially eloquent and yet simple to picture in a way I had not heard before.

Afternoon conference was good, too, and then I became distracted as I was working on a blog about John. 

A special came on about the Hotel Utah and it immediately made me hungry for rice pudding.  When I was little that was a very special treat to go to the Hotel Utah and get the best rice pudding I have ever had.  I, of course, had to make some and couldn't find a recipe in our Family Recipes or in my book so found one one line.  I only had Minute Rice but it worked and it tastes very good--though not as good as Hotel Utah.  The only time I was ever able to stay there overnight was when our Stake Primary Board came to Conference a few days early for Primary General Conference and President Naylor took us in to meet the Prophet Spencer Kimball.

We really enjoyed staying at the Hotel and I am glad I had the experience.  It is very special.

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