Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Good Things

I must say I am glad Meagan is posting pix and news about Keira.  I wish all the family would do that, it is a great way to be part of "good things" in everybody's life.

The last couple days I have recorded and watched Hallmark movies.  I really enjoy those sweet nostalgic feel good movies, always have a nice cry or good memories of similar "good things" in my life.  So much better than so much of the stuff on TV nowadays! 

After laying low for a couple of days I wore my back brace and finally got some work done around the house...not such a "good thing" but necessary.

Michael made fajitas for supper, that was a "good thing".  I have no interest in cooking at all anymore.  I look at all those recipes in my Family Cook Book and nothing interests me.  So it is a "good thing" Michael is interested in the food.

Have come across some new pictures I haven't scanned yet.  This is a cute one I think.  I believe we were at the airport seeing Gary off on his mission.  I am not positive, but it looks like a "good thing" was happening.

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