Tuesday, October 30, 2012

West Virginia Snow

They are showing pictures of the snow in West Virginia from the Sandy Superstorm and it reminded me of my time out there in early 2004 because of flooding. 

After working in Maryland after Hurricane Isabel they sent two of us from Baltimore to West Virginia with boxes of equipment and I worked out there until sometime in February.  I hated driving in the snow along the freeways.  The trucks could travel on any side of the road they wanted and they all went so fast.  My little rental Ford was not up to winter travel at all.

The day I was to fly home there was a winter storm and it was terrible to get to the airport and then we had to wait while they deiced the wings.  I got home just in time to save my house as the furnace had gone out and we were having a cold winter.

I bought a new furnace with the money I had earned for the last several months.  I was working for the New York SBA office.

The one neat thing about the whole trip was the Thanksgiving Dinner cooked by the SBA leaders from New York.  That is where I learned about the Butternut Squash being mashed and buttered--they gave me all the left overs and I ate it all week.

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