Wednesday, October 31, 2012

At Least I Didn't Cut It Off!

"Are you accident prone?" the nurse asked me.  I don't know but it was  a stupid thing to do and it is not the first time I have done something stupid.. 

I put pressure on a can lid to open and instead splattered chili bean juice all over and made a deep cut in my left fourth finger and a smaller cut in my third left finger. 

Mike's first question, "Did you get blood in the chili?"  and second command,
"Leave it, I'll drive."

The nice thing in a small town is they have your name and file in the Emergency Room, in the Walk-in Clinic and in your Dr's Office.  You just have to choose which one to go to and on the way, the Receptionist is helping me decide that on my cell phone--OK, Walk-in Clinic it is.

Dr. Tonya is a Nurse Practioner who looks like the dark haired limb surgeon on Grey's Anatomy.  She has been told that many times before.  Since this is my second time to see her this month we are becoming well acquainted.  I find out she is Welsh and see a picture of her handsome Daddy who died of colon cancer much too young.

She stitches me up and Mike comes back from the Holiday--he is trying to decide which Halloween candy to buy, for himself.  Ahhh, such decisions, it would be so much easier at Walmart where the candy is cheaper and more plentiful.

Anyway, Halloween is here and we will have no visitors out here and Mike will go to a party in Susanville and I will take a Bubble Bath without getting my left hand wet, before settling down to an evening of my favorite TV shows.

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