Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Prince on a White Charger--He's Not Coming!

Can't sleep--leaving tomorrow on a plane to visit with all my sisters and others and gather up family pictures that haven't been scanned yet and help to organize the records still at Jeanne's house.   Have a terrible sore throat, where did that come from?

Also had a harrowing day.  It is definitely true that the older you get, the more difficult everything becomes.  Poor Bandido, while I was in the kitchen getting something for my throat I saw how restless he was and what a mess he had made of his little home.  So I had to clean him and his home before he could settle down again.  He is certainly a testament to the fact that everything gets more difficult as you get older.

I had to laugh at the message from Amy to her family today on Facebook.  It was about being a Grammar Nazi and how frustrating it is to see so many grammatical and spelling errors on messages from friends and all around us in signs, etc.  I really related to what she said.  It reminded me of so many years ago when one of my young loan officers asked the other one how to spell California!  I shook my head in dismay and it also reminded me of when I went back to school in 73 for a brushup on English and Office Practices and realized I was the one of the few in the class who had had a good education in English.  We were very fortunate in the 40's to have these super teachers out of Minnesota in our little town.  We had some fantastic English teachers in both elementary and high school.  My first year in college I was moved to an accelerated English class and it was all due to them."

When I was talking to Carole a few days ago she told me the twinnies were mesmerized by the "Snow White" movie Stephie had ordered for them.  I said " that was my favorite one" and she said, "me, too".  Since I had some cleaning to do in my office I decided to put my VCR version of  "Snow White" on  and watch while I worked.  I thoroughly enjoyed it--all of it.

And now I see why we all grew up wanting that "prince on a white charger to come and rescue us"!!!  This was the theme of one of the "Sex and the City" episodes the other day.   And I remember so well the story I read of the wife sitting very dejected looking and her husband coming up and whispering in her ear, "He's not coming."  She said, "What?"  He said, "The prince on a white charger, he's not coming!"

Darn reality!!  We alll have to face it someday.  "He's not coming!"  I reminded myself of that today when I was so frustrated,  "He's not coming!"

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