Thursday, November 01, 2012

It Pays To Ask

Amerigas is crediting me with 25 gallons of gas.  After I asked for credit for the two to three hours of leakage, a representative called and said that would be about 1 gallon of gas but they are crediting me with the traditional 25, yea!  I also mentioned that the rate was a lot less than in the spring and she said, yes, I get the "alliance" rate out here---

Hmm, then why didn't I have it last year???  I should have asked back then, I guess.

Yesterday was a cold rainy day so I had a fire all day, it was a lazy, watch TV kind of day.  Today it is beautiful and sunny with lovely blue skies and pretty clouds.  I had some things to mail, including my absentee ballot, so I headed for town and saw that the Corner Store had gas  for $3.99--too bad I had filled up on Monday at $4.29.

Ever since I saw the Napa guys with their take out burgers from Beacon I have craved one so I stopped by and ordered  Take Out.  I was amazed what a large menu they have.  As I was leaving I noticed the "Cotton Candy" restaurant across the street had closed their doors.  That is where I had the worst burger of my life.  I think Beacon has put them out of business.  And this burger and fries from Beacon was one of the best I have ever had so now I am sure they put them out of business.  Too bad, Marjorie and I gave them three tries, each time it was not good.

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