Saturday, November 03, 2012


I am thankful today for the beautiful drive from Lake Almanor to Susanville--with all the fall leaves and glorious sunshine, it was especially wondrous today.  How blessed I am I can live in such a lovely part of this world.

I am thankful today that I can walk around Walmart on my own and not be pushed in a wheel chair.

I am thankful today that I can drive to the grocery store and stock my home with food and that I have a tank full of gas.

I am thankful today that no flood or fire destroyed my home this week.

I am thankful today that I live in America and I have a choice who I want to lead this country.  I am thankful that there are so many prayerful men and women who live a life worthy of being blessed by our Heavenly Father.

I am thankful that I have loving children who have loving children and that they all care about the most important things in this world and are kind and compassionate.

I am thankful that I have good friends who value the gospel in their life.

I am thankful that there are men who want to be part of the military to keep America safe.  My hope for them is that they have wise and honorable leaders who value their lives and their mission.

My hope for America this week is that Americans will be wise and seek to know the truth about their leaders and the needs of this country and be prayerful about their vote.

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