Friday, November 30, 2012

First Storm of Winter

It is not daylight yet so I cannot assess any other damage but Michael woke me at 11:21 PM to show me this.  I thought I had heard noise in the garage so I thought Michael had been out and just come home but we couldn't see any damage in the garage and he looked all around.  Probably just some branch on the roof.

The cedar tree next to the deck has always been a threat but I hate to get rid of it, in spite of the messes it causes.  I guess trouble really does come in threes, first the Shingles for me, then Bandido's death sentence and now this.  Glad Michael is here to help but looks like we need a chain saw and who is going to put the deck back together?  Woe is me.

After looking at all this in the daylight it may have come from the top of a cedar tree on the other side of the house, actually belongs to my neighbor.  It is a smaller cedar but the top could have been the culprit in my yard.

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